4 Tips for Designing a Country- Rustic Room

4 Tips for Designing a Country- Rustic Room
Country rustic is a great way to create a comfortable space that looks great and feels welcoming. Although this type of rustic design looks great in any home, it looks particularly charming in cottages and farm houses. If you enjoy the low-key aesthetic, here are three tips to getting the most from your design:

Make good use of stone:

Stone looks amazing in country-rustic designs. Look for stones that are lighter in color and look natural. Stone looks great on a fireplace, countertops and floors. When you choose your stone, look for lighting accessories that accent the stone you choose. A nice Tiffany lamp can dress up the stone without distracting from the feel of the room. Consider combining a stone island in the kitchen with an overhanging Tiffany lamp.

Choose the right color palate:

The country-rustic design is often recognized by the light blues, greys and whites. But, if you like color you can add splashes of the colors without detracting from the overall design. When you opt for adding color, choose different shades of colors you are already using or focus on colors found outdoors. Dark greens, bright yellows, and dark reds look especially nice. Consider choosing throw pillows and bedding to brighten up the space. Country rustic designs use a lot of lighter woods. Kitchen cabinetry, furniture and even your floor should blend seamlessly.

Focus on details:

If you want to really sell your country-rustic décor, you'll need to pay attention to the details. Every piece you choose will add or subtract from your overall look. Everything from the mirrors to the clocks, area rugs and curtains will help create the comfortable feeling of country rustic in your home.

Work with your home:

Work with the architecture and layout of your home to most successfully master your design. Rooms with big windows don't need lots of extra lighting or big mirrors. If you have natural, light wood floors, enhance them and turn them into a focal point. Listen to your house, and listen to your gut. The country-rustic look should feel homey and over thinking, it can make it feel over-designed, so relax and have fun.
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