Designing a Rustic Living Room

Designing a Rustic Living Room
When it comes to bringing the outdoors inside, your living room is the premier choice for just such an endeavor. While there are the standard pieces that go in almost every living room, there are some select choices that I'd like to highlight today to focus on a modern rustic design. This is a popular combination for many home owners, and the trend is finding the spotlight even in the corporate world with Twitter adding a reclaimed log cabin to their cafeteria in their headquarters.

Before adding any new furniture to the room, look at your flooring. The addition of an area rug, such as the Cabin Retro Lodge area rug from LodgeCraft, creates depth to a room as well as bringing the attention to your beautiful wood or tile floors. The deep earthy colors of the rug accentuate all shades of flooring very well.

Keeping a rustic feel in a living room while maintaining modern comfort is easily accomplished with the inclusion of the Burly sofa from LodgeCraft. Comfort and design mix to invite you and your visitors to sit for long nights of great conversation. For more seating space, add the matching loveseat to go with it.

There needs to be some place to set your drinks, so consider a set of Valencia end tables. The rivet details in the table complement the ones found on the Burly couch and bring the two together perfectly. The available drawer adds functionality to store remote controls for television or music, making entertaining a breeze.

Lighting your living space is very important. While you may depend on the beauty of natural light to brighten the room during the day, adequate and coordinated lamps are a must after the sun goes down. The Four-Ring Pot Table Lamp from LodgeCraft is a thin design that still allows for other items to be displayed around it while delivering a soft light through the beige lamp shade. For a wider lamp that will be the showpiece on your new end tables, the Chickadee Scene Table Lamp is a beautiful accent that brings the charm of Chickadees in the forest to your rustic living room.

Bringing all these pieces together gives your living space a touch of simple outdoor life with a modern flair. You certainly can mix the two worlds together without giving up comfort or style. Browse our online store to see more of our living room collections to find just the right pieces to suit your space and personality.
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