Decorate your Home in a Lodge Theme

Decorate your Home in a Lodge Theme
Decorating your home in a lodge theme conveys a casual, cozy elegance. Natural elements and warm colors are inviting and create an easy-going atmosphere that promotes relaxation. To experience the lived-in comfort and back-to-nature ambiance found in this rustic style, use the following tips to decorate your home in a lodge or wildlife theme.

Themes and Colors

Colors normally found in nature are ideal in a lodge themed scheme. These warm and inviting colors create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere that's just easy to be comfortable in. Earthy shades of brown, deep blacks, dark greens, rustic reds and burnished golds are common lodge decor colors. You might even find contrasting pops of bright white and bright blues and reds to offset the darker nature of the lodge themed colors. Wildlife themed accessories in fish, deer elk, ducks and bears are often the norm in the lodge style.


Furniture in lodge style decor is all about the comfort. Over-sized chairs and sofas in soft leathers create an inviting place to sink in and unwind. Accent pieces such as upholstered ottomans in plaid or wildlife prints, as well as tables and lamps featuring bears, moose or fish in various stages of activity add texture and interest to the room's overall feel. Rustic log furniture is also part of creating the lodge themed style.


Consider the natural lighting in a room when incorporating a lodge theme. If you have a beautiful view of the great outdoors, you will want to play that up because that will be the most desirable feature in the entire room. Floor-length draperies over metal curtain rods or wooden blinds are perfect window treatments to enhance the view but still give privacy when necessary.

When nighttime falls, artificial lighting in the form of antler chandeliers and wildlife themed lamps and sconces continue to carry on the lodge theme with just the right amount of lighting that looks amazing.

Antler Chandelier


You'll want to avoid over-saturating the room with too much wildlife and lodge themed decor, because there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. However, adding accessories such as blankets on the back of the furniture or mounting antique fishing rods or canoe paddles on the wall adds a nice touch. Area rugs and decorative throw pillows help tie the theme together.

Moose Area Rug

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