Customer Testimonials Speak For Themselves

Customer Testimonials Speak For Themselves
It's not every day that a customer gives us such a lengthy and beautifully written testimonial! See for yourself what our LodgeCraft customers have to say about our products and service.

"Shopping online is, at best, a risky adventure when dealing with merchants that are some distance away. My husband and I have been redoing our sun room for the last two years and insofar as we live in a remote area of Washington State, I have to search for items via the Web. After several false starts and returned merchandise we were almost done the Monday of Thanksgiving week, just needed something really special to finish off the seating and tv viewing chairs and table. I didn't want a regular floor lamp because we needed downlighting for tv guide reading/remote use and a table lamp would have taken up too much space on the small two by two table I'd selected. I have had a long admiration of Tiffany style lamps and in my web search I stumbled upon the website of LodgeCraft Furniture of Eureka, Montana and had a EUREKA moment when I found the Boehme Downbridge floor lamp that was just what I needed, plenty of illumination and only five feet in height. Searching the web for same lamp from other venders I found several but reading their product/customer reviews turned me back to LodgeCraft and their lamp.

I called and after less than one minute talking with Ranita, I was convinced this was where I was going to purchase my Tiffany lamp. She assured me they had the lamp in stock but told me because of the heavy load on her desk and the fact that Thanksgiving was Thursday there was a good chance my lamp wouldn't be shipped until the following week and that she would send me the tracking number when it shipped. Well Darn! I'd told her that waiting was the hardest part but I understood, trying to act my age of 73 years. No tracking information arrived the next two days nor the day after Thanksgiving. Well Darn! again and I guessed the lamp would ship out the following Monday.

Ranita pulled a fast one on me because Saturday after Thanksgiving FedEx came with a box that I assumed was hot rod parts for my husband and so ignored it when the driver took it out to his shop. You can only imagine my jaw drop when I went out later and saw a Dale Tiffany box sitting inside the door, I felt like it was early Christmas. That sweet girl didn't let me know that it had shipped that very next day that I had ordered it and it was here the same day my two Mission style recliner chairs were delivered as well. So, attached is a photo of how our new sitting area looks and if there is a glow in the corner of the photo, that is just the flash of the camera off my teeth-my smile is so huge!

The bottom line is that LodgeCraft is a genuinely honest and totally safe and reliable company with super sales associates and their product is as advertised. If I ever decide to redecorate or if I need something else that is within their product lines, I will wholeheartedly purchase whatever it is that I've decided I need. Thanks to all of their crew for making this old lady a happy one."

Sincerely Barb Long Beach, WA

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