Creating a Feminine, Rustic Look

Creating a Feminine, Rustic Look
When most people think of rustic décor, they may picture a room or home more fit for a Gaston than a Belle. While many rustic décor options do feature more masculine details and colors, you can create a charming, rustic feel that is more suited for a girl or woman. Here are a few tips to help you create the perfect feminine-rustic room:

Choose slender furniture: Although many typically rustic pieces are heavy and dark, you can add a more feminine look by choosing pieces that are slightly smaller and have more curves to the design. Consider this Snow Bend Log Bed. The pretty arch design of the head and foot boards are an excellent choice for a more slender appeal. The different wood finishes give you flexibility with how light or dark you want to go with your design. Choose an area rug with a mix of light and dark colors to provide contrast.

Add Seating: You can make a more feminine environment by choosing the right type of seating. A bench at the end of your bed or next to a large window, provides extra seating and can easily add to the lighter atmosphere with the room. Choose a lighter wood with more curves like this Sunrise Bench. The curved back is a softer look, while the wood finish and seat cover provide room for the rustic theme. This bench has several wood finish options as well as a choice of different colors and designs for the seat portion. Toss in a light colored throw blanket and some pillows, and you'll have a perfect, yet functional, accent piece for your new room.

Choose the right lighting: One of the easiest ways to show off the woman's touch in a room is to choose the right style of lighting. A chandelier is a great addition to any room and can easily reflect both rustic and feminine designs. We have several options that range from modern rustic to more traditional pieces. The right chandelier or sconce can really enhance the environment of your living space. Lighting is very flexible. If you do opt for a more traditional chandelier, like an antlered piece, choose one that has smaller or fewer antlers.

Think color: The cheapest way to bring a little girl to the cabin is with the use of color. Although many rustic pieces are darker wood, you can easily use lighter pinks, yellows and even blues to tone down the dark pieces and brighten up a room. The lighter, softer colors also bring a lighter feel to the overall design. You can incorporate these colors into throw pillows, bedding and carpeting. If light colors or pastels aren't your thing, you can still achieve a feminine look by choosing darker colors like purple, blue, grey and even gold to accent the rest of the décor.

Rustic does not have to mean hunting lodge or man cave. Add rustic charm to your living space by incorporating smaller, lighter wood pieces and you'll soon have a comfortable living space that features the best of both worlds.
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