Copper Furniture

Copper Furniture
Copper furniture has been popular in the past and remains popular thus far in 2017. Copper furniture is a classy way to add some rustic flair to your home or office. Often copper is used as an inlay, such as in a bed or a chest. Other times copper is used as a table top for a bar, kitchen island, or coffee table.

One example of copper furniture is this beautiful bed from Fireside Lodge. It is constructed of aged red oak timbers from old barns which are being torn down, so using the reclaimed wood is a complete recycling process. This rustic copper bed will last as long as the old barn from whence it came, and it will be passed down to future generations. The photo shows the headboard and the faux copper inset. Please call us for pricing on real copper insets.

Fireside Lodge Faux Copper Headboard

Fireside Lodge Faux Copper Bed

Another idea for a copper furniture accent is to use a gorgeous barnwood vanity such as this one, and then use a hammered copper sink as an accent. The colors complement each other beautifully. The barnwood line of furniture from Fireside Lodge is reclaimed oak from tobacco barns built in the late 1800s. This piece is handcrafted and finished with an extra durable clear-coat lacquer.

Fireside Lodge Barnwood Vanity

Fireside Lodge Barnwood Open Vanity with shelf

Copper furniture can also be incorporated in accent pieces in the home or office. One accessory that is always beautiful as well as practical is a mirror. Mirrors add depth to a room, creating an illusion of space and making a room feel more open. This mirror from Old Hickory does not have copper in it, but it is an example of where copper could be added as an accent, for example, copper could be added in the four corners of this mirror for a lovely combination. As it stands this is still a beautiful mirror, made with birch bark and hickory saplings.

Old Hickory Birch and Hickory Mirror

Old Hickory Birch Bark and Hickory Mirror

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