Combine Rustic Furniture and Modern Decor for an Interesting Ambiance

Combine Rustic Furniture and Modern Decor for an Interesting Ambiance
Many homes today use a contemporary decor that although clean and organized-looking, is often monotonous and bland. This modern style of decorating a home can make your home look and feel uninspired and similar to many other homes in the neighborhood. While contemporary decor is certainly a fine way of doing things, you can incorporate a bit of your own personality into the monotony with strategically placed rustic furniture. Rustic furniture adds a touch of uniqueness and warmth not found in the sharp angles and straight lines of modern design. Combining the two completely different decor themes is easier than you think.

In the Living Room

Many different types of furniture are made from wood, whether it be logs or cut pieces, wooden furniture can be tailored to fit just about any style of decor. Wood furniture is incredibly strong and lasts for many years, which is a major plus no matter the style of decor. The rustic nature of wood and log chairs, couches and other living room furniture creates a wonderful contrast to any contemporary design theme. When adding rustic to modern, keep in mind the color of the furniture's finish. A lighter colored finish will help create an open and airy feel, while a darker, richer finish will lend a cozy, warm log cabin ambiance.

In the Bedroom

Log Bunk Bed

Adding a piece of rustic log furniture in the bedroom is a great way to bring the great outdoors into the home and lend a personal touch to a contemporary bedroom. You don't need to add several pieces to make a big statement - simply choose one main focus such as the bed itself and build the rest of the room's decor around that. In a child's bedroom, you could include a log bunk bed that will certainly be the center of attention in the room. Log and wood bedroom furniture is sturdy, long-lasting and very comfortable.


Outdoor Log Furniture

Log furniture is wonderful outdoors. Not only is it beautiful and welcoming, furniture made from cedar wood is naturally insect repellent and rot resistant. This means your outdoor furniture will last a lifetime. You could add a wood porch swing or a couple of wooden lounge chairs to create a place to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. Or, you could add a log stool on the front porch that holds a potted plant. Whatever you decide, adding log furniture in your yard helps you continue the rustic theme outdoors.

Although there are many ways to add a rustic touch to your home, you don't have to create a complete log cabin theme to enjoy the theme. Combining contemporary and modern is a great way to have the best of both worlds and include pieces from both genres that you really love.
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