Colorado Rustic Lighting

Colorado Rustic Lighting
Colorado Rustic Lighting has been making unique & innovative iron lighting for almost 20 years. They come in two distinct finishes: Frontier Rust & Black, with a number of different profiles. And, if these weren't enough options, you will have to take a look at their variety of shades.

Colorado Rustic Lighting's Fortress Collection has exquisite lines & the profile options are endless. The floor lamp version has room for (3) profiles, where the table lamp version only has (2) profile options. The examples shown on our website however is shown only in moose. Another table lamp, in my opinion, that deserves notice is their Windmill Lamp. I can see an old farmer spinning an old fishing story to his grandchildren in his rocking chair with this lamp sitting next to it.

Besides the standing table & floor lamps, Colorado Rustic Lighting carries a number of wall sconces for indoor or outdoor use. The wall sconces are available with different glass liners, as well as a less expensive paper liner. We recently sold one of the Coyote Wall Sconces, and the customer said he liked the Bear Wall Sconce, but ultimately his wife made the final decision. I suggested he get one of each. But if you are not really excited about an animal theme, another traditional option might be the Candle Wall Sconce, which can be ordered with or without an animal design. Included in their outdoor lighting collection, perfect for lighting up that long dark driveway, would be the Post Mounted Light.

They also have an array of beautiful chandeliers & ceiling fixtures to choose from. We have the Aspen Chandelier in our Eureka MT Showroom. Do you have a need for that one of a kind billiards light that your friends will be talking about? Take a look at their Pool Table Light with 3D Trees, available in 2 styles: 6 trees & 2 lights or 10 trees & 3 lights, or mix & match some other profiles as well.

Colorado Rustic Lighting's designs are made to order with normal production time being 2-3 weeks.

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