Caring for your Antler Chandelier

Caring for your Antler Chandelier
Here at LodgeCraft, we take a lot of pride in the antler products we well. Whether its an antler chandelier or some other piece of antler furniture, we want it to last a lifetime. Caring for antler chandeliers is easy, but cleaning them should be a regular practice to keep them looking their best and are preserved to last a long, long time.

Keep Antler Chandeliers and Antler Furniture out of Direct Sunlight

We recommend placing your antler furniture somewhere where direct sunlight isn't an issue. Periodic direct sunlight will not harm the antlers, but if the piece receives several hours of direct sunlight a day, bleaching and cracking may occur.

Avoid Large Fluctuations in Temperature and Humidity

In much the same way that wood expands and contracts with changes in temperature and humidity, antlers can too. Over time, fluctuations can cause the antlers to become misshapen or crack. If your antler chandelier is indoors, damage of this nature should be kept to a minimum. If your antler furniture is kept outdoors, it's important to bring it inside during extreme temperatures and high humidity.

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Cleaning your Antler Chandelier

Cleaning your antler chandelier is easy. All that's required is a slightly damp cloth to wipe away the dust that accumulates. For tiny crevices, use a cotton swab dipped in water. Do this once a week and your antler chandelier will look great for years to come. Avoid using any kind of cleaning solution on the antlers as these can dry them out and cause damage.

LodgeCraft Antler Chandeliers and Antler Furniture

Here at LodgeCraft, we carry a wide selection of antler chandeliers and antler furniture to outfit any room i your home with the rustic, wilderness decor you love. The antlers used in making these pieces are obtained naturally - no animals are harmed in order to get the antlers. Deer, elk and the like naturally shed their antlers every year, so we take advantage of this renewable resource to bring to you the finest in antler furnishings for your home.

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In addition, only the highest grade antlers are used in the making of our antler products. Antlers are graded on a scale of one to four, with grade one being the best quality, best color and most flawless. Grades three and four are never used as they are unsafe and the least attractive for chandelier use.

We invite you to browse our complete line of antler lighting. Here you'll find a collection of elk, moose, whitetail deer and mule deer pieces in a variety of shapes and sizes. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.
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