Bring Nature Inside with Animal Lighting

Bring Nature Inside with Animal Lighting
Animal lighting can be a great way to express yourself. These rustic hanging lights and table lamps are an excellent combination of practical and decorative. Each one you add quickly becomes a centerpiece that lets everyone know about your love for the great outdoors. Here are three unique types of animal lighting that can help light up your room.

Moose Lighting

Who doesn't like this iconic animal? One of the most popular animals to use in rustic designs is the moose. You'll find pictures of the noble moose on many different pieces of furniture; however, being unique means taking it one step further. A moose antler chandelier can come in many shapes and sizes, but it is always an eye catcher. Pictured is the ten antler moose chandelier, perfect for lighting up large rooms. A downlight helps you to illuminate the area even more.

Ranch Style Chandelier

Deer Lighting

Deer are a prize among many people who like the great outdoors. Whether you are a hunter or just want to appreciate this strong animal, a deer lamp or chandelier is the perfect choice. This ranch-style chandelier is perfect for any size room and can make anywhere feel like home.

Antler Lamps

Real and faux antler lamps tend to fit into a more modern setting. Smaller antlers also work well for table lamps, allowing you to create unique designs. These lamps act like accents, adding rustic charm to your modern theme. Pictured is a contemporary stag horn lamp that really reflects nature coming together with modern convenience. Lighter colors and a wider variety of styles make lamps a practical choice for small spaces. To find the best lamp or chandelier for your home or commercial building, contact LodgeCraft today. With over 20 years of experience, LodgeCraft can help you find an eye-catching design that truly reflects your personality. Every high quality lighting fixture is also designed to be durable and last for years. With plenty of designs to choose from, they are the best place to start looking, even if you are just browsing for ideas. Bring nature into your home today with the help of LodgeCraft. Order online today!
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