Bear Theme Furnishings

Bear Theme Furnishings
When furnishing a home, especially a rustic cabin, some customers really have a wildlife theme in mind, that's why we have added that as a searchable aspect on our website. Many of our customers like cute little bears all over their cabin, maybe not so much when the real ones get into their garbage outside. I have a friend here locally that lives in the woods of Northwest Montana, who left groceries in the car overnight & the next morning found the back window of their car knocked out by a grizzly bear, finding the dangers of leaving in our beautiful state.

However, we do carry various lighting, bedding & rugs with a cute bear theme. One of our most popular bed sets would be the Denali Bear Plaid, with the rustic red & black check pattern with bears matching across it. Bear Set that is more subdues tans and accents of red, or the Bear Country Set from Patch Quilts has more of a patchwork theme in browns & greens with huge grizzly footprints to accent.

Coast Lamps are manufactured in the USA & they have a number of great lighting options. We are giving away a cute Sitting Bear Table Lamp right after Christmas this year to a lucky winner. You can sign up in our showroom or online.

The Cabin Retreat Rug is one of my favorites as well. This Capel rug is accented with Moose & Fish, which are also set as specific themes on our website, along with Elk & Deer.

Where do I find all my bear themed home furnishing needs? LodgeCraft Furniture
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