5 Interior Design Trends for Baby Boomers

5 Interior Design Trends for Baby Boomers
when it comes to interior design and home redecoration, baby boomers are likely to spend the most with a $3,000 budget, followed by generation x with a $2,500 budget and millennials with a $1,500 budget. just what are baby boomers spending that money on, though? here are some interior design trends that seem to be very popular among baby boomers.

good lighting
as baby boomers age, they need better lighting so their eyes don't have to work as hard. proper lighting makes a huge difference with comfort in a living space. this means they are looking for bigger windows and functional light fixtures like lodge chandeliers and recessed lighting.

comfort and function
when it comes to furniture pieces, members of the baby boomer generation want a combination of function and comfort. they are not willing to sacrifice comfort for the sake of fashion, if you will. this means their barstools, headboards, antler coffee tables, and even their outdoor furniture needs to be comfortable and stylish at the same time.

low maintenance
when baby boomers are looking to redecorate, low maintenance is typically a top priority. the easier things are to care for, the better. this means they want easy-to-clean surfaces in their kitchens, built-in pet feeding systems, central vacuums, and easy-to-maintain gardens.

another popular trend when it comes to baby boomer interior design is having a flex space. a flex space is one that is versatile in function. it can serve the function the homeowner wants, but it can be changed down the road too. for example, one day, the homeowner wants a rustic office with an antler coffee table and bearskin rug, and the next, they want a guest room for their family to spend time in. as their needs throughout life change, they want to be able to change their homes too.

accessible main floors
baby boomers often want their bedrooms and bathrooms on the first floor. this allows them to skip the stairs in case of bad knees or aching backs. being on the first floor also allows bedrooms and bathrooms to be bigger.

each generation is unique with their style choices, and baby boomers are all about function and comfort. they may also be leading many design trends as it seems that many others seem to follow suit with boomers' choices.
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