4 Reasons to Choose Log Furniture to Decorate your Home

4 Reasons to Choose Log Furniture to Decorate your Home
It used to be easy to tell the difference between fine, quality furniture and cheaply made furniture. Unfortunately, many of today's top furniture manufacturers have become quite good at hiding cheap manufacturing materials such as press board and thin laminate wood surfaces and passing it off as "fine" furniture. You'll pay a pretty penny for such pieces, for sure. However, they ultimately don't last long at all.

1. Log furniture is long lasting

The most obvious reason log furniture is a good choice when decorating your home is it's durability and strength. Made from solid wood, these pieces are built to withstand almost anything and last for many years, giving you more quality and use than what you paid for.

2. Natural finishes let each piece's character show through

Many log furniture pieces come with a clear coat finish. This is simply to protect the wood and keep it looking great for many years to come. The clear finish lets the wood's natural grain show through so that each piece is unique. Stained finishes are also used to enhance the beauty of the piece, but again, they allow the logs' personality shine through, showing the grain and knots that make it different from any other. It's very easy to match fabric colors and patterns to log furniture when the finishes are so neutral.

3. Log furniture can be used indoors and out

Log furniture is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Certain types of wood are better suited for outdoor use, though. For instance, cedar logs make for beautiful outdoor furniture because exposure to the elements turns the wood a silver-gray color that's absolutely stunning. Indoors, different woods have different characteristics that bring a unique personality to each piece.

4. Log furniture is versatile

It really doesn't matter what style your home is decorated in, or that you aren't decorating a cabin in the woods or a ski lodge in the mountains. Today's more laid back decorating styles make it possible to bring the warmth and ruggedness of log furniture into any home with any décor style. Eclectic, modern, traditional - it doesn't matter because there's a log furniture design for any taste.

When choosing log furniture for your home, look for off-white and soft brown pine or pale red cedar pieces when a soft look is preferred. Honey rich brown aspen and hickory bring just a bit more drama to the table. Choosing log furniture to decorate your home is a great way to bring the rugged look of the great outdoors in and add a warmth unlike any other type of furniture can.
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