Barnwood Bedroom Furniture

Barnwood Bedroom Furniture
There is something esthetically pleasing about the ambiance of barn wood furniture. It could be because the wood reflects its past uses and the age of its existence. When combined skillfully with tasteful design, the combination is most desirable. We think furniture made of barn wood or salvaged and reclaimed lumber is the new antique in the rustic furniture category.

Please take a close look below at the many design combinations of our barn wood bedroom furniture. You will find interesting combinations facilitating new and recycled wood, even natural log. When you click on the image of your interest and are taken to the product detail page, click again on the image to show an expanded view of the character in that furnishing. We invite you to look at the furniture description and construction tabs to get an overview of how it's crafted and other supporting information. LodgeCraft has selected Barn Wood Beds & Headboards, nightstands, chests, dressers, bed benches, and blanket boxes to meet your decorating needs. Full disclosure, the Alpine Heirloom Collection by Montana Lodge, is made from new wood cut and finished to look like salvaged wood. The Cambria and Hampton beds are made from salvaged wood in India by their skilled craftsmen. All other Barn Wood products are made in America and therefore can be customized to fit the certain space. There are several barn wood platform beds, for those who like a more contemporary rustic look.
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Weathered Pine Bed
Weathered Pine Wilderness Bed
Homestead Bed
Homestead Arched Panel Bed
Homestead Wilderness Bed
Traditional Barnwood Bed
Traditional Barnwood Headboard
Barndoor Style Bed
Barnwood Door Headboard
Barnwood Post Bed
Barnwood Post Headboard
Barnwood Post Platform Bed
Barnwood Platform Bed
Barnwood Faux Copper Inset Bed
Barnwood Faux Copper Headboard
Barnwood Faux Copper Platform Bed
Saratoga Bed
Black Mountain Bed
Riverwoods Bed
Yukon Bed
Barnwood Bunk Bed
Barnwood Twin over Full Bunk Bed
Barnwood 3 Drawer Underbed Dresser
Barnwood 3-Drawer Chest
Weathered Pine 3-Drawer Chest
Barnwood 4-Drawer Chest
Weathered Pine 4-Drawer Chest
Barnwood 5-Drawer Chest
Weathered Pine 5-Drawer Chest
Homestead 5 Drawer Chest
Barnwood 6-Drawer Split Top Chest
Homestead 6 Drawer Split Top Chest
Barnwood 6-Drawer Dresser
Weathered Pine 6-Drawer Dresser
Homestead 6 Drawer Dresser
Barnwood 7-Drawer Dresser
Barnwood 7 Drawer Dresser
Black Mountain Dresser with Mirror
Barnwood 9-Drawer Dresser
Weathered Pine 9-Drawer Dresser
Barnwood 2-Drawer Nightstand
Weathered Pine 2-Drawer Nightstand
Homestead 2 Drawer Nightstand
Barnwood 1-Drawer Nightstand
Weathered Pine 1-Drawer Nightstand with Shelf
Homestead 1 Drawer Nightstand
Homestead Side Table with Drawer
Barnwood One Drawer End Table
Barnwood Side Table
Weathered Pine Side Table w/Flat Shelf
Homestead Side Table
Weathered Pine Nightstand
Homestead End Table
Barnwood Open Nightstand
Barnwood Open End Table
Barnwood 1-Drawer/1-Door Nightstand
Weathered Pine 1-Drawer 1-Door Nightstand
Homestead 1 Door Nightstand
Barnwood Enclosed Nightstand
Barnwood Enclosed End Table
Barnwood Mirror Frame
Weathered Pine Blanket Chest
Barnwood Blanket Chest
Big Timber Bench
Weathered Pine 56" Bench
Barnwood Bench
Barnwood Upholstered Bench