Old Hickory Classic Island
Old Hickory Classic IslandOld Hickory Classic Island

Old Hickory Classic Island

Item Number: OH-OH710
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Practical and straightforward, this Classic Island, with its multiple shelves and cupboards, is so useful and perfect for extra kitchen/ dining room space. Keep in mind there is a nine-inch overhang on one side, which allows barstools to fit perfectly. Though the design on our kitchen islands is basically the same, the multiple options available in accents, finish, wood, and size makes for very unique pieces. You will want to check the different possibilities in accent before deciding. If choosing walnut as a top (available as a "live edge"), be sure to specify oak, pine, or walnut for the rest of the cabinet. Elkhorn Knobs are available on request. Please call for pricing.


The hickory wood with which Old Hickory constructs their furniture is from the Tennessee Valley, and has been for over 100 years. Like handmade furniture from over 100 years ago, this lovely furniture is produced in the USA with the woods, barks, and superior craftsmanship necessary to turn out durable, comfortable, practical furniture. Learn more about Old Hickory Furniture.


48", 60" and 72" W x 36"D x 36"H


Available in a variety of wood bark textures/finishes.