Lodge and Rustic Chests & Dressers

Lodge Furniture, Rustic Lighting and Cabin Decor
We have a great selection of rustic and log dressers and chests. LodgeCraft has compiled the highest quality furniture and has forged strong relationships with some of the Nation's leading furniture manufacturers since 1988. Our goal is to provide you with the best rustic dresser selection online. Choose from a variety of styles including log, rustic and mission styles as well as a great selection of wood type and finish options. Cherry and Oak Mission, Rustic hardwood and Pine Log dressers with clean-peel, skip-peel or full cambium options and beautiful Alder or Pine dressers can be ordered directly from our LodgeCraft workshop. We also feature the ever popular line of barnwood furniture, that includes a variety of rustic dressers and chests. We have the perfect dresser to complement your bedroom furniture.
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Kodiak 6-Drawer Dresser
Colorado 6-Drawer Chest
Colorado 5-Drawer Chest
Colorado 3-Drawer Dresser
Kodiak 3-Drawer Chest
Kodiak 4-Drawer Chest
Colorado 4-Drawer Chest
Kodiak 5-Drawer Chest
Weathered Timber 3-Drawer Underdresser
Homestead 4-Drawer Chest
Adirondack Six Drawer Dresser
Colorado 6-Drawer Dresser
Kodiak 9-Drawer Dresser
Colorado 9-Drawer Dresser
Barnwood 6-Drawer Split Top Chest
Barnwood 7-Drawer Dresser
Barnwood 9-Drawer Dresser
Barnwood 6-Drawer Dresser
Barnwood 6-Drawer Chest
Barnwood 5-Drawer Chest
Barnwood 4-Drawer Chest
Barnwood 3-Drawer Chest
Weathered Pine 9-Drawer Dresser
Weathered Pine 6-Drawer Dresser
Weathered Pine 6-Drawer Chest
Weathered Pine 5-Drawer Chest
Weathered Pine 4-Drawer Chest
Weathered Pine 3-Drawer Chest
Walnut Lodge 4 Drawer Chest
Walnut Lodge 6 Drawer Chest
Walnut Lodge 7 Drawer Dresser
Walnut Lodge 9 Drawer Dresser
Homestead 5 Drawer Chest
Homestead 6 Drawer Split Top Chest
Homestead 6 Drawer Dresser
Homestead 6 Drawer Chest
Chest of Drawers
Old Pine Map Drawer Bedside Chest
Old Pine Map Drawer Chest
Lodge Dresser
Lodge Chest
Parota 7 Drawer Dresser
Parota Chest
Costa Six-Drawer Dresser
Costa Five-Drawer Chest
Costa Media Chest
Imperial Dresser
Imperial Chest
Imperial Media Chest
Praga Dresser
Praga Chest
Praga Media Chest
Terra Dresser
Terra Chest
Terra Media Chest
Loft Dresser
Loft Chest
Loft Media Chest
Antique Multicolor Dresser
Antique Multicolored Chest
Antique Multicolored Media Chest
Antique Chest
Hampton Teak 4 Drawer Dresser
Old Timber Dresser
Old Timber 5-Drawer Chest
Old Western Trails Mule Chest
Classic 4-Drawer Chest
Classic Bachelor Chest/Nightstand
Classic Five Drawer Dresser
Classic 6-Drawer Double Dresser
Classic 8-Drawer Mule Chest
Phoenix 4-Drawer Chest
Phoenix Bachelor Chest/Nightstand
Phoenix Five Drawer Dresser
Phoenix 6-Drawer Double Dresser
Phoenix 8-Drawer Mule Chest
Old Faithful Dresser
Old Faithful Five Drawer Chest
Old Faithful Mule Chest
Old Hickory Yosemite Nightstand
Big Ranch Bedside Chest
Big Ranch Mule Chest
Big Ranch 5-Drawer Chest
Big Ranch Bachelors Chest
Woodland Five Drawer Chest
Woodland Mule Chest
Wagon Wheel Four Drawer Chest
Calistoga Three-Drawer Dresser
Wolf Creek 5-Drawer Lingerie Chest
Wolf Creek 6-Drawer Chest
Hayden 5-Drawer Chest
Hayden 7-Drawer Dresser
Hayden 9-Drawer Dresser
Oak Park 6-Drawer Chest
Oak Park 6-Drawer Chest with Door
Oak Park 5-Drawer Media Chest
Oak Park 12-Drawer Dresser
Barnwood 3 Drawer Chest
Barnwood 4 Drawer Chest
Barnwood 5 Drawer Chest
Barnwood 6 Drawer Dresser
Barnwood 7 Drawer Dresser
Barnwood Storage Chest
Barnwood 4-Drawer Low Boy
Adirondack Three Drawer Chest
Adirondack Seven Drawer Dresser
Adirondack Four Drawer Chest
Adirondack Five Drawer Chest
Cedar 3 Drawer Chest
Cedar 4 Drawer Chest
Cedar 4 Drawer Lowboy
Cedar 5 Drawer Chest
Cedar 6 Drawer Dresser
Cedar 7 Drawer Dresser
Fireside Lodge Beetle Kill Three-Drawer Chest
Fireside Lodge Beetle Kill Four-Drawer Chest
Fireside Lodge Beetle Kill Five-Drawer Chest
Fireside Lodge Beetle Kill Four-Drawer Lowboy
Fireside Lodge Beetle Kill Six-Drawer Dresser
Fireside Lodge Beetle Kill Seven-Drawer Dresser
Rustic Alder 2 over 4 Drawer Chest
Barnwood/Alder 2 over 4 Drawer Chest
Rustic Alder 5 Drawer Stacked Chest
Barnwood/Alder Five-Drawer Chest
Rustic Alder 6 Drawer Chest
Rustic Barnwood/Alder 6 Drawer Chest
Rustic Alder 6 Drawer 60" Dresser
Rustic Alder 6 Drawer 60" Dresser
Rustic Alder 6 Drawer 82" Dresser
Barnwood/Alder 6 Drawer 82" Dresser
Rustic Alder 2 over 6 Drawer Chest
Barnwood/Alder 2 over 6 Drawer Chest
Mt. Robinson 8-Drawer Dresser
Rustic Alder 8 Drawer Stacked Chest
Barnwood/Alder 8 Drawer Chest
Rustic Alder 8 Drawer Chest
Barnwood/Alder Eight-Drawer Chest
Little North Fork Three Drawer Chest
Deception Creek Stacked Chest
Blacktail Creek Six Drawer Dresser
Pine 3 Drawer Chest w/Shelf
Pine Four Drawer Chest
Pine Six Drawer Dresser
Two Drawer Chest
Three Drawer Chest
Four Drawer Chest
Six Drawer Dresser
Nine Drawer Dresser
Mission Mountain Four Drw Dresser
Mission Mountain Six Drawer Dresser
Autumn Comfort Chest
Autumn Comfort Half Dresser
Autumn Comfort Dresser
Country Roads Chest
Country Roads Dresser
Country Roads Gentleman's Chest
Hickory Chest
Hickory Dresser
Homestead Chest
Homestead Gentleman's Chest
Homestead Dresser
Alpine Dresser with Mirror
Black Mountain Four-Drawer Chest
Black Mountain Five-Drawer Chest
Black Mountain Dresser with Mirror
Yukon Six-Drawer Dresser
Silver Creek Six Drawer Dresser w/Mirror
Silver Creek Five Drawer Chest
End Table - 3 Drawer
Five Drawer Chest