Victorian Heart Quilts

Victorian Heart Quilts
Although made overseas, Victorian Heart Quilt Sets are a beautiful addition to our site. Queen sets standardly includes the quilt, a bedskirt, two 21" x 27" standard quilted shams, two 26" fabric euroshams, and one 16" fabric throw pillow. You can always mix & match with different pillow options by giving us a call, or we sell the quilts only as well.

The Kettle Grove Quilt Set has very muted colors, but that also makes it a perfect choice for any setting. The black crow accent pillow makes you think of that barn on your Grandma's farm where you spent so many peaceful summer afternoons.

With my favorite colors, the Berkshire Quilt Set has more deep rustic colors like forest green, barn red, & tan. I love the look of the way they matched the patchwork in this design.

Maybe the more classic colonial style is right up your alley. The Patriotic Patch Quilt Set includes colors of tans, reds, & navy plaids, might be perfect for that quilt to carry on your summer picnics.

The Tea Cabin Quilt Set has the gold tea cabin stars that really complement the plaid block style. I love this set myself because of the Forest Green background, reminds me of walking through the forest as a kid, probably why green is still my favorite color.

With all of the tan background, the Walnut Grove Quilt Set would look great on any bed. This set reminds me of the perfect fall day, with all the autumn colors represented: tans, greens, reds, amber.

With a little bit of a busier style jumping all over this quilt, the Weathervane Quilt Set, has a lot of color making it the perfect set for that room with dark walls that need to be brightened. The pattern is so simple, but when put together makes a beautiful patchwork masterpiece.

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